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Our publications examine legal and market developments and industry issues that could have an impact on our client`s business.

Date Title Author Practice Area
Mar, 2018 A Brief Analysis on the Tax Credit Pilot Policy of Venture Capital Investment and the Sale of Shares Policy of Venture Capital Funds Fred Hao,Li Jia Cheng,Fu Han Bing Private Financing and Investment
Nov, 2017 Germany requires non-listed companies to disclose the information about the ultimate benficiary owner Ralph W.Hummel and DR.Christian Berger, the Partners of the Avocado Rechtsanwalte the German member law firm of Cathay Associates Mergers & Acquisitions
Aug, 2017 A Brief Analysis on the Administrative Measures for Debt-to-equity Implementation Institutions Newly Established by Commercial Banks (for Trial Implementation) (Draft for Comment) Liu Xiayi,Fang Qi Private Financing and Investment
Jul, 2017 A Brief Analysis on the Pilot Tax Policies of Venture Capital Investment Liu Xiayi,He Yuting,Fang Qi Private Financing and Investment
Jun, 2017 Influence to Govenment Investment Funds made by the New Policy of Debt Financing Behaviors of Local Governments Fred Hao,Liu Xiayi Private Financing and Investment
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